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Sugar Snaps!

Almost everything is in now. I believe I am just missing zucchini and carrots but the latter may never get planted this year as it is a lot of work to mound up some soft soil for them to grow in.

Sugar Snaps

This is our first picking of the season. More than enough to gift some to the neighbors and in laws for weekend snacks.

Broccoli, Dill and Marigolds

I do believe that the marigolds and doll are helping to keep the cabbage worms away. The broccoli started to take off this past week. A few plants have a small head of florets beginning to develop.



Kennebec on the left, red Pontiac on the right.



These onions sure grew big over the last few weeks. Even the outter rows have taken off.



I imagine that I am only a few weeks away from seeing these garlic plants start to wither and dry out.



These are not bush watermelon so the vines are going to grow quite long. It will be a challenge to keep them contained.



The cucumbers will hopefully survive this year. Last year they ideas from either a disease or pests. I tried using a trellis last year but it didn’t pan out well because these are a short vined bush variety. Let’s hope for better luck this year so that I can make a ton of refrigerator dill pickles.


Corn and Sunflowers

The corn is starting to grow nicely. The first sunflowers I transplanted are really taking off too.



The cherry tomatoes are growing much better than the better boy tomatoes. They are the two larger ones in front.



I watched a rabbit find its way into the garden a few days ago. He jumped up and through the top rows of large squares in the rabbit guard fence, in an area where the deer fence was loose on the rabbit guard fence. I will have to tighten up the fence. The next day though I saw that it’s too late! The rabbit has attacked the soybeans!




It is really fun to look at these overhead shots because each time I take one there is considerably more growth in the garden. I really enjoy standing back and watching things grow! I may need to trim that tree though… it didn’t block my shot last year!




The dill was planted about a week ago and started to emerge the other day. Pretty good germination rate.



Red Pontiac Potatoes

I was really starting to worry that my poorly drained clay soil, combined with all of the April showers, was going to cause these seed potatoes to rot… but just two days ago I saw them starting to grow!



The asparagus roots didn’t start to grow at as high of a rate as I would have liked, but I think that the progress made thus far is pretty good. It’ll take two more years before I can eat it anyway and I am expecting quite a but of spread by then.


Super Sugar Snaps

This week they began to climb the trellis. In other years I have checked on them more often and attempted to move their tendrils closer to the trellis. I am more hands off this year, and even though the trellis is quite wavy and many of the peas were sown a nit further from the trellis than I would have preferred, they found the trellis just fine.


Fall Crops


Last Sunday I planted two 10′ rows of the burpee super sugar snap peas. They emerged from the grow yesterday morning after just six days. I add a little burpee booster with the seeds when I plant them as a soil inoculant.

Salad Greens

Since space was freed up on Friday by removing the soybeans I had plenty of room to plant fall salad greens. I had some old kale seeds from a year ago as well as leftover lettuce and spinach seeds from a container planting we made on our deck this spring. Those didn’t work out, but I am sure that in the garden, these will. I have one 6′ row of kale, and the other 6′ row is split between lettuce and spinach. These were planted yesterday.



The squash I planted last Sunday merged Thursday, I previously mentioned in another update.



I grabbed a few ears through the fence while taking some compost out this morning. I was on my way back outside to pick more with the intention of freezing a batch, but it started to pour rain… So maybe later.



The weather has been very nice this week and many plants seems to have made considerable new growth.

The corn has certainly hit the ground running:


The zucchini and cucumbers are emerging nicely:


The broccoli is really getting big. I took these pictures two days ago and I swear they have become much larger since then:


The sugar snaps are now big enough to stir fry like snow peas:


I also started putting tomato cages out around the bigger plants, which are the cherry and super sauce varieties: