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Putting Up Sweet Corn and Edamame

Lots of productivity in the garden this week with harvests of eggplant, cherry tomatoes, sweet corn, and soybeans!


Sweet Corn

I picked 13 ears of corn today and put it up for the winter. I blanched the ears, cooled them off in cold water, cut the kernels off, sealed them into freezer bags and then used a FoodSaver to seal them. I made one large 32 oz bag for Thanksgiving and two smaller 14 oz bags. There are also a few photos below of corn stalks that have been knocked over by heavy rains this week.


We had fresh edamame with a few meals this week and today I pulled all of the soybean plants up from the garden. There were enough soybeans in their pods to fill a five gallon bucket. While I do like dried and roasted soybeans, the rest of the family likes them as edamame so to get the most enjoyment out of this crop I will be freezing them all as edamame.


The three eggplant plants have lots of fruits and flowers on them. We are some this week and have a few correctly sized fruits ready to be picked for a meal tomorrow.


The carrots took a bit of a beating in the rain but are still growing well. I pulled a few up to see how they are doing. Once cleaned up inside the kitchen they look, and taste, pretty good.


While the acorn squash planted in the middle of the corn didn’t make it, the row of spaghetti squash on the outside actually has a fruit growing. On the other side of the corn, one vine was crawling into the green beans, so I picked it up and moved it alongside them. What I then noticed, is that this vine has little spiky roots growing into the ground. The new mound of acorn squash I planted last week has started to grow as well.

Squash Bugs

New pests! These nasty little guys are eating the leaves of the squash and zucchini, which I pulled today because it’s dieing like the others had. I sprayed the existing squash with neem oil in hopes of smoothing them and preventing their spread.

Cherry Tomatoes

These are starting to fall into full swing now with enough ripening each day for it to be more than we can eat.



The potatoes seem to be getting more green now that the tomatoes are no longer blocking the sunlight.


The broccoli is about as tall as the corn! Of course it’s just the flowery bits that grew that high. I just can’t bring myself to pull it up because the honeybees like to visit it. One other reason I have been letting it grow is that I wanted to see how the seeds develop from the flowers. It looks like a seed pod about one inch long forms. The picture on the right shows these.