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Fall Broccoli

I chased another rabbit out today… I really need to fix my fence! I am thinking about swapping those old poles out with 2″x2″x8′ treated lumber, and using poultry staples leftover from the compost bin to secure the fence to it. Then again, since the rabbits jump through the top of the “rabbit guard” fence, maybe I should use hardware cloth like I have one the compost bin instead. Anyway, I think I’ll start using a wider mesh for the deer portion of the fence so that flying insects stop getting hung up by it (dragon flies, wasps, bees).


Broccoli, Hairy Vetch, Oregano

I used up some old seeds by filling in the area where the garlic had been. I just tilled it up and planted the new seeds with a little fresh garden soil from the store. On the left is oregano, in the middle is hairy vetch as a cover  crop, and on the right is spinach and broccoli nearest the fence.



It was a nice so I pulled them. It’ll rain tonight but we should then have drier weather.






Great Weekend for Germination

This weekend several of the new seeds planted last week began to germinate.






Very high rate of germination! Looks like I planted too closely…





These are my usual super sugar snaps.



These were planted earlier than last week however the kennebec potatoes leftover from last year’s harvest have begun to sprout green leaves. These had very large sprouts coming out of their eyes when I planted them so it was expected that I would see them before the red Pontiac potatoes I ordered from burpee.

This Week’s Additions

IMG_1838I found time to plant a few more things in the garden this week. I also spread some 10-10-10 fertilizer around before tilling some more. When a tilled a few weeks ago it was too wet and I had some bars clumps to break up before I could continue.


Lettuce and Spinach

We tried doing these in a container on the deck last year and it didn’t work out… crossing my fingers for better luck in the garden this year.



I am only doing two rows of peas this year. Last year I did four and it was a bit crowded.



I planted some kale in the garden too this year. We had some old seeds leftover from a year or two ago. The only thing we did with it then was baked kale chips. Not sure if I have any plan for how to use it this year.


I have also decided to plant some flowers in the garden. I am hoping they do three things: repel pests, attract pollinators, and add color. In addition to marigolds I plan to plant some sunflowers near the sweet corn.

Fall Crops


Last Sunday I planted two 10′ rows of the burpee super sugar snap peas. They emerged from the grow yesterday morning after just six days. I add a little burpee booster with the seeds when I plant them as a soil inoculant.

Salad Greens

Since space was freed up on Friday by removing the soybeans I had plenty of room to plant fall salad greens. I had some old kale seeds from a year ago as well as leftover lettuce and spinach seeds from a container planting we made on our deck this spring. Those didn’t work out, but I am sure that in the garden, these will. I have one 6′ row of kale, and the other 6′ row is split between lettuce and spinach. These were planted yesterday.



The squash I planted last Sunday merged Thursday, I previously mentioned in another update.



I grabbed a few ears through the fence while taking some compost out this morning. I was on my way back outside to pick more with the intention of freezing a batch, but it started to pour rain… So maybe later.