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I am thinking about replacing my poles with 2″x2″x8′ pressure treated lumber. They may need some green paint to blend in as well as the poles do!


Pickling Cucumbers

Burpee picklebush. I am only going to can pint size jars this year since we don’t go through pickles that quickly. I started these out in salt water brine for a day before adding picking spices and vinegar brine. I pulled out a fresh onion and bulb of garlic as well as two jars of last year’s dried dill as I debated which recipe to follow.


I hope these bees help the cucumbers prosper! So many flowers on these vines and I am optimistic for a good harvest!




There was quite a lot of activity in the broccoli patch this afternoon with stinging insects swarming all over the place! Well, not quite, but there was a lot of pollinator activity. I should note that those white butterflies were there as well… but they were mating so I gave them some privacy.


I don’t see too many of these girls around the yard. I am thinking about setting up my one hive someday so it is really nice to watch them do their work when I do find them.




I don’t care much for these however I hear that wasps are beneficial because their feed caterpillars to their young. So, that makes alright in my book as long as I keep my distance and do not provoke them to sting.



It is a relief to see bumblebees and not carpenter bees. We were “fortunate” enough to have a woodpecker alert us to the presence of carpenter bees underneath our deck a few weeks ago… and then again last week. I saw them flying around the deck earlier in the spring and summer but I didn’t think anything of it, assuming that I was looking at bumblebees. Boy was I wrong. I now know how to tell the difference. In short, bumblebees are more yellow and more fuzzy while carpenter bees are more black and less fuzzy… oh, and they like to live inside your deck!