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I am thinking about replacing my poles with 2″x2″x8′ pressure treated lumber. They may need some green paint to blend in as well as the poles do!


Pickling Cucumbers

Burpee picklebush. I am only going to can pint size jars this year since we don’t go through pickles that quickly. I started these out in salt water brine for a day before adding picking spices and vinegar brine. I pulled out a fresh onion and bulb of garlic as well as two jars of last year’s dried dill as I debated which recipe to follow.


I hope these bees help the cucumbers prosper! So many flowers on these vines and I am optimistic for a good harvest!





Dill, Broccoli and Marigolds

The dill isn’t as tall or large as last year. Perhaps it’s a different kind this year. It’s  been flowering so hopefully those heads will turn to seed in the next week for pickling some cucumbers. In the background you can see the tall sunflowers next to the corn.


His was taken almost a week ago and many more have toppled over and turned yellow. After the thunderstorms pass and the ground has had a chande to dry out a few days I will harvest these as well. Just in time for pickling season.



These have been flowering  over the last week. There are a few cucumbers about three inches long now so I will be doing some pickling this coming week! Having my own garlic, onion and dill to use will be very satisfying.



These have recovered very well from the rabbit attack last month. I still have not tightened up the fence and actually chased one out of the garden a few days ago.



These are growing really tall – I believe the largest to stand eight feet tall. I have seen a few bees on them so I think they are serving their purpose well.


Sweet Corn

The very first tassel has been spotted! I plan to try adding fertilizer this week. I haven’t done so in the past but it ought to provide a better harvest. Who knows, maybe it’ll get me a second ear this time.



74 bulbs of garlic have been harvested. I pulled them out a few days ago and let the  dirt out in the sun so that I could break it off of the roots more easily.

Getting Bigger


These seem to be recovering from the rabbit attack they suffered two weeks ago.  I still have not fixed the fence.



These plants are about waist height already.



It’s gonna be knee high by the Fourth of July!



I really can’t much about these right now. Growing well for now.



These are starting to flower already. I didn’t expect that so soon.



Starting to poke up through the dirt!



I caught a bumblebee in action on these marigolds today. The flowers look so nice that I decided I’d make a post just to share them.


Next to the bumblebee I also saw a wasp looking for a snack. It was definitely searching for little green caterpillars. Neither it nor I found any. Thank you marigolds?



Beautiful, leafy kale.



These copra onions are getting huge! Large bulbs too now!




Sugar Snaps!

Almost everything is in now. I believe I am just missing zucchini and carrots but the latter may never get planted this year as it is a lot of work to mound up some soft soil for them to grow in.

Sugar Snaps

This is our first picking of the season. More than enough to gift some to the neighbors and in laws for weekend snacks.

Broccoli, Dill and Marigolds

I do believe that the marigolds and doll are helping to keep the cabbage worms away. The broccoli started to take off this past week. A few plants have a small head of florets beginning to develop.



Kennebec on the left, red Pontiac on the right.



These onions sure grew big over the last few weeks. Even the outter rows have taken off.



I imagine that I am only a few weeks away from seeing these garlic plants start to wither and dry out.



These are not bush watermelon so the vines are going to grow quite long. It will be a challenge to keep them contained.



The cucumbers will hopefully survive this year. Last year they ideas from either a disease or pests. I tried using a trellis last year but it didn’t pan out well because these are a short vined bush variety. Let’s hope for better luck this year so that I can make a ton of refrigerator dill pickles.


Corn and Sunflowers

The corn is starting to grow nicely. The first sunflowers I transplanted are really taking off too.



The cherry tomatoes are growing much better than the better boy tomatoes. They are the two larger ones in front.



I watched a rabbit find its way into the garden a few days ago. He jumped up and through the top rows of large squares in the rabbit guard fence, in an area where the deer fence was loose on the rabbit guard fence. I will have to tighten up the fence. The next day though I saw that it’s too late! The rabbit has attacked the soybeans!


Catastrophic Cucumbers

I am sad to say that the cucumbers are doing very poorly. These photos were taken two days ago and they looked even worse yesterday. I was able to pick probably another eight or so like I did last week. It’s not enough to justify firing up the hot water bath canner. I might make the simple fire and ice refrigerator pickles again.

I also had the stem on a few zucchini plants rot away just as had happened to the acorn summer squash. But, I have picked lots of zucchini up to this point. I am currently planning to pickle zucchini. I find a lot of references to bread and butter pickled zucchini, but I plan for dill pickled zucchini. I have done both in the past with great success. In fact, I recall the dill pickled zucchini to be more crisp than the cucumbers after having been through a hot water bath.

Next year I will have to monitor more closely for pests and disease for all members of this family.

Carrots, Cucumbers and Corn

The three Cs of my garden couldn’t wait for the weekend update.


I pulled a few carrots today so that I could check on their progress. They were growing deep and straight which is great news. If there was too much fertilizer or the ground was too compacted and rocky I would have roots that are shorter and less straight, even forked. I did not see any sign of damage to the leaves or roots which is also great news.



I have quite a few posts where I show off the sweet corn… But this time it’s actually more interesting – the ears are forming! The picture below clearly shows an ear started to bulge out alongside the stalk!



I picked eight more of these guys today. I suppose if I stick them in the fridge for two days I will have twice as many to pickle. I don’t plan on canning many, if any, this year. I plan to focus on refrigerator dills so it would be easy to make a batch of brine and then reheat and use as needed for smaller batches. When canning, it’s best to fill up the whole canner with fully packed jars so I need larger batches of cucumbers when doing so.


Update: I decided to make some refrigerator pickles using the Famous Dave’s Fire and Ice recipe. They turned out pretty well. They are sweet and have a little heat. After 12 hours in the brine they are still pretty “cubcumbery” in flavor. I think that next time I may boil the brine, pack the jars, and then pour the hot brine into the jars. This may help the brine penetrate the cucumber slices more quickly and infuse them with its flavor.

PS: cherry tomatoes are a daily occurrence

Salad Veggies!

I picked the first cucumbers and cherry tomatoes this evening! One cucumber was chopped up and added to a salad alongside the tomatoes. The other I sliced and placed in ice water with salt for a snack later on.

I also picked a bunch of green beans which are enough for a few fresh dinners and a few frozen dinners.

I am probably more excited about the cucumbers than I am the tomatoes, as their first harvest today foreshadows the labor intensive canning season that is soon to begin.