It is really fun to look at these overhead shots because each time I take one there is considerably more growth in the garden. I really enjoy standing back and watching things grow! I may need to trim that tree though… it didn’t block my shot last year!




The dill was planted about a week ago and started to emerge the other day. Pretty good germination rate.



Red Pontiac Potatoes

I was really starting to worry that my poorly drained clay soil, combined with all of the April showers, was going to cause these seed potatoes to rot… but just two days ago I saw them starting to grow!



The asparagus roots didn’t start to grow at as high of a rate as I would have liked, but I think that the progress made thus far is pretty good. It’ll take two more years before I can eat it anyway and I am expecting quite a but of spread by then.


Super Sugar Snaps

This week they began to climb the trellis. In other years I have checked on them more often and attempted to move their tendrils closer to the trellis. I am more hands off this year, and even though the trellis is quite wavy and many of the peas were sown a nit further from the trellis than I would have preferred, they found the trellis just fine.