On Friday night I managed to till under the leaves I used as mulch over the winter. But, I wouldn’t exactly call the ground workable, as it was still fairly muddy and in spots, quite slippery.



I received these onions about two weeks from burpee, with instructions to plant them as soon as the ground becomes workable. Well, they shipper a bit early, I think. I feel like the muddy soil wasn’t very good and that I should have waited to plant them, but it’s going to be a busy month so I just put them in and am hoping for the best.



I had these covered for a while when it was in the single digits earlier this month but they are bouncing back pretty well.



Where’s the broccoli?

I re-planted seeds for the tomatoes and broccoli because I had very poor germination. The weather outside has dropped back down to normal winter temperatures. What’s unfortunate is that the trees, rose bushes, and garlic all started growing and producing buds… then the 70 degree weather suddenly turned to 8 degrees at night!


Nothing to see here… I replanted these but ┬áthe still didn’t germinate! Not sure whats going on with these seeds…


These are the same type as last year – copra. They really did live up to our expectations because we still have half a dozen in the basement that are still in great condition. These really do keep a very long time. And yes, they are quite potent when you slice them open! It’ll probably be two weeks before I can plant these in the garden.



Only a few of the tomato seeds I planted began to grow. Once I planted additional seeds I was able to get the desired numbers.

The Seedlings Emerge

After about a week some tomatoes have begun to emerge. I added a few rows of some flowers a few days ago too. Those germinated quite quickly in comparison with the tomatoes. Also, it may have been too wet when I began the tomatoes. I am using a new seed starting kit this year as well as new seed starting soil.

I switched from a burpee seed starting tray because mine had picked up some holes in the corners of the water tray. I used it four years though, and the damage was likely caused by myself. I probably crushed it in storage over the summer. The burpee tray was a self watering one, with a special mat that absorbed water from the water tray and delivered it to the bottom of the actual seed tray so that the soil could absorb it. The new tray set is made by Jiffy and is just a water tray with the seed trays being made from peat. They sit directly in the bottom tray. I had filled the tray with water and the peat trays were floating at first but then after a day became water logged. The soil at that point was soaked instead of damp.

The soil I used was made by jiffy and was an organic seed starting mix. It has lots of green moss growing from it. Previously, for the last four years, I had used a coconut fiber seed starting mix from burpee. It comes as a brick and expands once water is added. The jiffy mix saved some time so I thought, “why not?”. We will see how things turn out…


The seeds for these flowers were just added a few days ago.




The picture on the left is cherry tomatoes, from ferry Morse, and the picture on the right is burpee better boys. I am blaming the poor germination on the soil being too wet… I only need a few plants to make it into the garden, less than last year, so I’m probably cutting it close.




The weather has been warm still so we have more growth here.




And finally you might be wondering, “where’s the broccoli?”. Well, I don’t know! It takes longer to germinate than the tomatoes, if I recall correctly, so I’m not worried quite yet.