Let the Season Begin!

It’s been a very warm winter with temperatures ranging between the 20s and 60s… terrible weather considering the kids cannot enjoy cold winter weather.

We invested in a large grow light that we have hung from the ceiling in the basement now. The past four years we have been using a smaller grow light over one seed starting try. Once we transferred our plants to larger containers they no longer all fit under the light. We will no longer have that issue because the grow lights are 24″ x 48″ and cover the entire table we have been using to start seeds. We have two trays setup right now, and they first well under the center of the grow light which is controlled by two switches – one for the lights in the middle and one for the lights on the edges. Once we pot up these plants they can utilize the entire table! It is probably overkill, but hey, it’ll be fun. I just started tomato and broccoli for now, but I will probably start watermelon indoors as well. We are going to try some space saving bush variety of watermelon this year.


With all the heat being generated by those lights, I doubt I will need that heater! Especially considering that the weather outside isn’t cold at all and that I have heating mats under the seed trays.

I also plant to plant asparagus this spring, right in the middle of the garden so that it does not affect the rotation of the other crops very much. The plan is below.


The garlic started to grow in the fall and poked up above the 4″ of leaves I had used as mulch on top of them. Every time the temperature has come back up they have ¬†grown a little more, it seems. It looks like all the gloves are growing so I am hopeful for a large harvest (even though I have no idea what to do with all of it).


We started seeds from two varieties yesterday. Cherry tomatoes from Ferry Morse and better boy tomatoes from Burpee. We are going to scale back the number of tomato plants this year because we successfully stocked up on a ton of sauce, crushed tomatoes, and juice last year.


We also started some broccoli. We will transplant them in early spring when its still chilly outside (chilly? its 61 degrees again right now!).