First Taste of Winter

We woke up this morning to less than an inch of snow but we could get a few inches before noon. I doubt it, however it is still nice to see a dusting of snow on all of the rooftops in the neighborhood.


This is also the start of the holiday season and I’ve been thinking about how great it will be to celebrate Thanksgiving in just a few short days using so many of the vegetables we grew in the garden. Potatoes, corn, carrots and green bean casserole are at the top of the list.

With out of town family here to visit we are also able to work on the onions and potatoes. The copra onions we grew this year ate very pungent and my eyes watered for what must have been five minutes after  chopping them for French onion soup! By the way, it was delicious!


Ready for Winter



To prepare the last half of the garden for winter I turned some grass clippings and leaves into the soil using a tiller. I then spread  more leaves and clippings on top as a mulch to prevent the garden from being a mud pit. Note that these photos were taken after tilling but before mulching.



Some of the garlic cloves have started popping up, looking as I had expected with just one straight shoot from the clove, and I used leaves to mulch over them because it’s been getting down in the low 20s each night.



I harvested the dill that started growing from seeds that fell earlier in the year. After putting it through the dehydrater it amounted to around a few tablespoons of dill weed.


Weekend Update

We’ve had lots of frost but some things are still growing.


I’m surprised the dill is still growing this late in the year. These plants grew from seeds that fell and germinated on their own.


I believe that one of the cloves of garlic has sprouted, but I’m surprised it’s so leafy.



This is growing nicely but we haven’t eaten any of it.



These are still growing but the frost has damaged the pods. Inside the pods however the peas inside of them are really yummy!

Planting Garlic



Ideally I would have planted the garlic several weeks ago when I received it from burpee but we had a lot of rain on the weekends and I just couldn’t work it into my schedule. I managed to plant 4 rows in an area which I had left exposed when spreading grass clippings and leaves across the freshly tilled portion of the garden. I’m not sure whether they will emerge before winter sets in, but if they do,  I have plenty of leaves on standby to be used as mulch. I have never grown garlic before and I hope to be able to use it when I make pickles next summer!