Beginning to Prepare for Winter

Over the last two weeks I pulled up the remaining broccoli  squash, potatoes, tomatoes and just yesterday, the carrots. I tilled in a batch of compost as well as fresh grass clippings today. It’s only one half of the  garden that I did this. The other half I will till once the fall planting of peas is finished. I will soon be planting garlic into the area which I previously had the tomatoes in this year. That area of the garden will have the onions, carrots and broccoli next year. The container potatoes only amounted to one five gallon bucket full. They were oddly shaped and not very  big. While the yield was higher than last year’s attempt with Yukon gold, the kennebec seem like a loss. It could be that I did not water as frequently as I should have, or it could just be that everything grows better in the ground compared to in a container. We really saw a good comparison of that with our cherry tomatoes this year.



We have had frost four times now, with the weather station reporting 29 degrees this last time. The pea vines are still healthy although the pods were slightly damaged that last time. We still have plenty of flowers so I believe more peas are on their way. The 10 day forecast does not predict any frost.


The carrots weighed in at  26 lbs. I didn’t have a free bucket when I picked them, so I  used a heavy garbage bag to bring them into the house. I blanched and froze about a third of them today and ended up with 10 16 oz bags in the freezer. They are quite a bit of work to freeze if you like to peel them first.