Too Busy to Post!

It has been a very busy week and I have not been able to post an update all week. The pictures in this post were taken last weekend and I am only now able to post them. I cleaned out more of the broccoli as it has been failing over in heavy rain and wind. Some of the spinach was also emerging last week.


Tomato Sauce

We followed a mix of two different ball cookbook recipes to make some pizza sauce. We first made a puree using the food mill and letting the juice drain and then added slices and cooked it down. We made just short of five pints from about 12 lbs of burpee super sauce tomatoes.


Tomato Juice

I also made tomato juice from a family recipe. It used almost a whole five Fallon bucket of the lady marmande and cherry tomatoes. I actually weighed the cherries separately and they were eight lbs! The bucket below if mostly lady  marmande tomatoes. The largest one so far was 1.3 lbs.


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