I picked a few yesterday and a few today. They aren’t quite red yet – I am letting them ripen indoors on the kitchen counter. We have been having lots of rain and I am concerned that they will swell and burst if left outside during more rain which is forecasted for the next few days. These are the lady marmande and the super sauce hybrid tomatoes from burpee. The lady marmande average around .75 lbs and while I’m not sure what the super sauce hybrid are averaging, the biggest one picked today weighed in at 1.25 lbs!

While it’s great that we have been getting some rain to green up the yard, it’s been really humid and wet for so long that I am quite getting sick of it. It’s nasty. I even moved the onions into the garage and put a fan on them because I was concerned they wouldn’t cute outside. They are only partially protected from the rain and, even if they were, the 90% humidity doesn’t sound very conducive to drying.

I left one surviving cucumber vine out there in the garden and this is probably the last cucumber I will have this year. A few smaller eggplants seemed ready as well so they also ended up in the photo today.




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