Fresh Corn and Eggplant

Sweet Corn

I finally picked some sweet corn today. It was more ripe than I thought it would be so I better pick more right away! It’s the burpee extra sweet early hybrid. It’s not as sweet as the white burpee corn we grew a few years ago but was the fastest they sold.  It was ready on schedule at around 70 something days.



A few of these were definitely overripe! I was expecting them to go from dull to shiny… Oops! So, about two were overripe with dark brown seeds and one was just a bit overripe with white seeds still. That’s the one I sliced up and fried on the grill to use as a burger patty. It didn’t really have much flavor so it was definitely not bad! Please note that I have never had grilled eggplant before. I didn’t snap a before picture unfortunately so here is the final product:



No trip to the garden is complete without a batch of cherry tomatoes:



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