Catastrophic Cucumbers

I am sad to say that the cucumbers are doing very poorly. These photos were taken two days ago and they looked even worse yesterday. I was able to pick probably another eight or so like I did last week. It’s not enough to justify firing up the hot water bath canner. I might make the simple fire and ice refrigerator pickles again.

I also had the stem on a few zucchini plants rot away just as had happened to the acorn summer squash. But, I have picked lots of zucchini up to this point. I am currently planning to pickle zucchini. I find a lot of references to bread and butter pickled zucchini, but I plan for dill pickled zucchini. I have done both in the past with great success. In fact, I recall the dill pickled zucchini to be more crisp than the cucumbers after having been through a hot water bath.

Next year I will have to monitor more closely for pests and disease for all members of this family.


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