August Update

It’s the beginning of August and things are getting busy inside the garden. Over the last week I have had many posts about harvesting cucumbers and cherry tomatoes so I skipped my usual weekend update. Here are some of the things that got left behind.



The acorn summer squash isn’t going to make it. The vines are rotten and falling apart at the ground. I am not really sure of the cause but it could be that the corn is so thick that it is shading out the squash. Maybe. I mean, they flowered and started to grow fruit so who knows. Maybe it’s a disease.


The onions were almost all fallen over, so I knocked over the last half dozen or so just to make sure they would easily toppel over, indicating that they are done growing. I then pulled them up to expose the roots to the sun for a few days before I place them somewhere a little more protected from the rain to begin curing.


The lady marmande tomatoes are getting larger than I had expected, and there sure are many of them!


The super sauce tomatoes are also quite plentiful but not as large as the lady marmande… Yet.



A few of the soybean plants have pods that look almost plump enough to pick and eat as edamame. I will freeze some like this in the pod, I will shell others and freeze as a pea substitute, and other I will let mature and dry out before picking so that I can roast them like peanuts. My growing season isn’t long enough to support peanuts, so this is the next best thing.


Some of the stalks are starting to produce silk for a second eat.


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