Weekend Update, 22 July

We are getting near the end of July and several vegetables are providing nice harvests. Big news? Yes! The corn is pollinating!



This is the latest to produce a harvest for us. Just a few days ago we took the first two, and today, another three. Two more large ones are still out there right now, with more new flower buds than I can easily count.


The soybeans have pods starting to fill out and get plump. They take awhile to fill out, if I recall correctly, so I do not plan on eating edamame very soon.


Green Beans

Still producing beans but not flowering anymore. I will be freezing another batch of these tonight.


I am surprised that I am still getting a harvest. I picked enough for dinner and there will be some left over to freeze. This is the burpee royal tenderette. It’s been in the high 80’s and it will be mid 90’s for next few days. Fortunately there are scattered thunderstorms forecast so the garden won’t dry out too much.


These are starting to fall over now. They grew longer than I had expected and I’m a little concerned that I will be pickling cucumbers before the onions cure. Of course, the dill is behind as well. I will probably be substituting dill seeds for fresh dill heads.



The corn is growing as expected. Some of the summer squash, probably the acorn squash, which I planted among the corn rows is flowing and growing like zucchini instead of growing out a long vine. I don’t have a photo but I’m sure you can get a mental image easily enough (looks like a smaller zucchini plant). I took a second look at the garden later in the day and noticed something that I had missed earlier – the silk on the corn! The corn has that familiar silk sticking out from the stalks and it seems that tassels are also releasing pollen. It’s time for the wind to do its job and pollinate these corn stalks!


The cherry tomatoes are as tall as I am and have a few tomatoes turning orange! The super sauce tomatoes are getting pretty big in the center of their cages.


The kennebec potatoes started to yellow and fall over this week.



Still really green and leafy, I didn’t take a close look at the diameter of the roots.



The vines are getting longer, I’d say about 18″ on some on some of them. The picklebush variety is only supposed to grow 24″ or 36″ long. A few plants went up the trellis on their own. I picked up and set a few more on the trellis today as well. I need to space them out more in the future.



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