Soybeans and Fresh Mulch

I added fresh grass clippings as mulch around my larger plants yesterday, and that’s when I discovered the deer damage.

Also, the soybeans have started to emerge.



In addition to moving my Moultrie game camera closer to the garden, I have placed one of the Arlo security cameras on the bird feeder. Hopefully any garden invading tree will get caught on I will be notified immediately! I have already gone into the garden myself and it didn’t pick me up so I may have to move it inside the garden.


Deer Attack!

I knew that this happen eventually because I didn’t have the deer fence up. I just wasn’t expecting as much damage from the first nibbles. A before shot of the green beans is included below. This happened on May 28 and deer fence went up that afternoon! I only had enough deer fence to do the bottom half of the garden so I sprayed deer repellent on the top half. Lowes didn’t have any decent deer fence so  I ordered more from Amazon.